Case Studies and Videos

Chapter 1: The Need for Community Planning

Chapter 2: The Role of Planners

Chapter 3: The Beginning of Today's Cities

Chapter 4: 19th Century Foundations of Canadian Communities

Chapter 5: Pioneering Community Planning in Canada, 1900-1945

Chapter 6: The Growth of Canadian Community Planning, 1945-2016

Chapter 7: The Community Plan-Making Process

Chapter 8: Regional and Metropolitan Planning

Chapter 9: The Urban Community Plan

Chapter 10: Planning for Small Towns in Rural and Northern Regions

Chapter 11: Planning for Special Places: Neighbourhood and District Plans

Chapter 12: Planning Infrastructure Systems to Connect Communities

Chapter 13: Planning for Diverse and Healthy Communities

Chapter 14: Deciding Upon the Community's Plan

Chapter 15: The Texture of Participation in Community Planning

Chapter 16: Land Use Regulation Tools for Plan Implementation

Chapter 17: Policy Tools for Plan Implementation