About the Book

Planning Canadian Communities provides a comprehensive view of the needs, origins, contemporary practices and future challenges in planning Canada's cities, towns and regions. With this updated sixth edition, Planning Canadian Communities begins its 27th year of community planning analysis in the cities, towns, and regions of Canada. This book, the most widely used planning text in Canada since 1986, tells how community planning got started in Canada, how it works today, and who participates in it.

Gerald Hodge and David Gordon explain the challenges involved in dialogue about the best ways to build ecologically, economically, physically and socially sound communities. The task has become no easier in the quarter-century since this book was first published. The sixth edition has been extensively revised and enhanced to aid understanding of community planning's principles, practice, and participants, including:

Gerald Hodge is one of Canada's foremost community and regional planners, with more than 50 years of experience in planning education, practice and research. David Gordon is Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen's University and has twice shared the Canadian Institute for Planner's National Award of Distinction.

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